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'For me, it was really helpful to speak to someone who could genuinely empathise with how I was feeling. Rob was able to call me out on certain behaviours that I hadn’t even realised were compulsive, and I believe this is because he’d worked through similar experiences himself. I also really like the way his approach is holistic in nature; he’s open to alternative ideas and incorporating other aspects of wellbeing into the treatment plan - exercise and meditation, for example. Rob also encouraged me to take a values-driven approach, which has really helped me in making my own judgments about the appropriate action to take in more testing moments.'


"I don't remember how l connected with Robert, but I found his contact online. I reached out because I was struggling with debilitating anxiety. He was quick to respond and so very kind. He taught me a little about acceptance and commitment of my condition. When you are dealing with such heavy emotions, you need someone compassionate and kind to help guide you and I believe Robert is just that. - Hosnia."


After 30 years of living with OCD and anxiety, I have tried many many different therapists / therapies but working with Rob has been the most beneficial to me. I had done ERP many times before but acceptance therapy was new to me and Rob explained it well and helped me implement it in a practical way. The big game changer and one I will be eternally grateful for was Rob introducing me to the WHM. The breathing has helped me go deep within myself and really believe it has helped with releasing past trauma, this has enabled me to be more in touch with my emotions, which has always been a struggle for me.


I met Rob on my path to recovery from sensorimotor (breathing) OCD. Rob has faced ocd as well, so he knows more than anyone how hard it can be. He shared his experience and skills, this gave me the energy I needed to move forward. I gained a lot of insight on ACT and ERP methods that Rob taught me and I really appreciated him reaching out with specific exercises for my type of OCD. Rob brings a calm and positive energy and I highly recommend working with him.

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"Rob really helped me wifh my OCD. I was in a difficult place and he got me back on track. As he has recovered From OCD, he has True empathy For other sufferers. I am happy I hound him on my journey to recovery - Markus."


First of all I would like to mention straight away that Robert is a great coach who within 3 sessions managed to help me immensely! I found Robert by going through instagram believing my mind that something is not right with me. Anxiety, intrusive thoughts and a ruminating mind was something new to me and did not know where to start. Luckily Robert’s honest post and the passion for outdoor sport caught my attention. I was quite excited to visit his web site in the hope that he is the one with the “magical” cure to heal me. It was not quite like that I had to find out later but he clearly had me hooked. Robert answered my request swiftly and took my nervosity within a heartbeat when I realised that I am rather speaking to a mate than a coach who has gone through the exact same thing. He made anxiety sound so easy and once i understood where it all came from my healing process became quicker and quicker. With Robert’s help I found the cure myself.

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My struggle with OCD and anxiety started at college when I was 17. Life back then was something to be tolerated. I was low on confidence, depressed, anxious and more often than not drunk. But fortunately for me I found a way through and in my late twenties I started to find out about anxiety and what I could do to beat it. Well it turned out paradoxically that trying to ´beat it´ was in fact part of the problem. The most important word I came across in my recovery was acceptance. But as i´m sure you´re aware telling people to accept their anxiety is fine in theory, but in reality it can be extremely hard for someone with anxiety to just ´accept it´. That´s exactly how I felt so I decided to start practicing acceptance by putting myself in situations I was afraid of.

Acceptance Commitment Therapy

My approach to coaching is based on the principles of Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)With support ACT can help you to get your life back on track. This well researched and incredibly effective approach to anxiety management blends cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness. Through the practice of meditation you can learn to accept anxiety and have a different relationship with it. This has been the cornerstone of my recovery from anxiety. You will then work with me to identify your values and commit to gently refocusing your attention onto them each time you catch yourself worrying or ruminating. To find out more, check out the blog on ACT.

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Acceptance and commitment therapy

My approach to coaching is based on the principles of Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)With support ACT can help you to get your life back on track.

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OCD can be an extremely stubborn and infuriating disorder to deal with. I struggled with it for many years and feared that I would never find a way out. But through a lot of hard

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Having lived with intense anxiety and OCD for many years I know exactly how infuriating and exhausting these problems can be. I believe this is what helps me to be such an effective

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Robert James Pizey (of Robert James Coaching) is not a medical professional and is also not providing therapy or medical treatment. Robert James Pizey recommends that anyone experiencing anxiety seek professional medical help straight away to get a medical opinion and rule out other conditions or illnesses. The comments and opinions as written on this site are simply that and are not to be taken as professional medical opinions. Robert James Pizey provides coaching, education, accountability and peer support around Anxiety through his own personal experiences.