Anxiety Coaching

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Anxiety took me down, but i got back up and found my way

Anxiety took me down, but i got back up and found my way Having lived with intense anxiety and OCD for many years I know exactly how infuriating and exhausting these problems can be. I believe this is what helps me to be such an effective coach. I can truly empathise with other sufferers and this is essential in helping people to recover. Through a lot of hard work and exploration I have learnt how to have a positive relationship with anxiety, so that when it does show up (as it inevitably does for everyone sometimes), it doesn´t bother me and I can help you to do the same .

A better way of dealing with anxiety

A better way of dealing with anxiety My coaching process is guided by the principles of Acceptance Commitment Therapy (a thoroughly researched and proven method). Whilst initially I focus on treating the anxiety symptoms, once the person has some effective tools to deal with this I like to take a more holistic approach. I help clients to identify lifestyle factors that could be holding them back, such as exercise and nutrition and encourage them to start spending more time in nature. I work with people to help them clearly identify their problems, find workable and practical solutions and to create a plan of action to keep them moving in the right direction during their transition to having a healthier and more positive relationship with anxiety.


Robert James Pizey (of Robert James Coaching) is not a medical professional and is also not providing therapy or medical treatment. Robert James Pizey recommends that anyone experiencing anxiety seek professional medical help straight away to get a medical opinion and rule out other conditions or illnesses. The comments and opinions as written on this site are simply that and are not to be taken as professional medical opinions. Robert James Pizey provides coaching, education, accountability and peer support around Anxiety through his own personal experiences.